Thursday, April 25, 2019



The Lord is never to blame for the sins of man.

We are granted free will.  Each individual decides who to be, what to do and who to become. 

Not everyone makes good choices and in certain situations, there are no good choice outcomes. 

With each choice there are continuous consequences; continuous because that choice will lead you on that path or road in life, and onward until it becomes your destiny. 

At the end of destiny, hopefully you have made enough good choices to live a good life and be of good character. 

You really do not have to have to good life to have salvation, but you must be of good character. 

False ministers or priests, sinners with no moral authority, may argue as if there are loopholes in salvation as there are loopholes in law, but there are not.  

The Truth has no inconsistencies or discrepancies.  

Here is an allegory of a really bad character; Voldemort from the Harry Potter books:  

Even if Voldemort states at the end that he believes in the Lord, demands forgiveness, do you really think this will change his character or make whole his soul? 
Would he even be capable of receiving forgiveness or grace? 
Or even recognize his sins and the pain and suffering he had caused?  

When you make choices do you think in terms of perfection?  (Right or wrong?)
Or in terms of impact?  (How this choice will determine your character; how it will serve the Lord, humanity, environment….).

No matter how you come to make your choices, if it has negative impact upon your character or people, you have the responsibility to change patterns of bad choices and behaviors. 

Even if your choices do not negatively impact your character, if results down a path that does not strengthen your connection with the Holy Spirit or help serve the Lord and humanity, you should think about changing it for the better. 

If you think you have done nothing wrong, are never sorry, could not do anything better, how will you ever change or grow? 

And if you remove any possibility of redemption, how will you ever come to have salvation?

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...