Monday, April 29, 2019

What Will We Inherit?


Love and Peace  be with you.

The need for love and peace increase by the moment.   Yet few are able to achieve or even receive it.

Without recognizing and realizing both love and peace together,  it is not possible to be conscious ood the Holy Spirit or live the Life.

Jesus stated that the meek will inherit the earth.

What happens when we are not meek or gentle?

What will we inherit?

What will our children inherit?

It is a mistake to blame the world around us or people,  if we,  ourselves, cannot achieve love and peace within.

We need to begin with our own state of being and conduct,  take responsibility and hold ourselves and be accountable to our connections,  relationships and actions.

Then hold people to good practices and ethical standards.   Because we are not doing anyone favors by letting sin and Satan take footholds in ourselves or in people and society.

If we are to have Salvation,  we must be able to receive Salvation.

And if we are ever to inherit an inhabitable earth, we need to be gentle in love and peace, kindess and charity.

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