Saturday, April 6, 2019

Feel Better About Yourself


One of the secrets to feeling good about yourself on the inside is the ability to cast a full and complete “Patronus Charm”. 

The second secret to feeling good about yourself on the inside is to simply be a better person. 

You do this by working on and building good character. 

Here are some of the attributes of good character: 

Honesty & Integrity
Humility & Responsibility
Bravery & Endurance
Kindness & Compassion
Respectfulness & Mindfulness
Loyalty & Fairness
Fellowship & Benevolence

I am sure you can think of other attributes of good character. 

As long as you are striving toward what matters on the inside, the Lord will look upon the effort with encouragement and favor. 

May the Holy Spirit shower you with good luck in your endeavors to better yourself on the inside 😊

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