Tuesday, May 16, 2023


Dear Snowflake ❄️,

In this instant gratification world, instant wins feels like everything, but in reality it's not anything, but a tiny breath in the very long marathon of life.

And it feels like everything hinges on that breath that brief moment in time, but it doesn't.

It hinges upon you passing your tests of character so that the process of "winning", the journey of life is meaningful and in line with the Lord, the Holy.

Do you know what happens when you fail your tests of character?  

Every win will be hollow.  

Every moment shallow; a pale imitation of yourself.  

Life is not based upon who you know, but who you are in the here and now, because who you are dictates every choice and move you will make and it then becomes your destiny.  

I hope you will choose the very best parts of yourself and shine that light for the world and contribute in deeds, not misdeeds.

For in the end, it is who you are that matters;

And it is upon that (character) which the Lord will judge.

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