Monday, May 29, 2023


The strange thing about power and control is that the perpetrator abusing always believes that he or she is in control, especially while tripping on the power to abuse.  

The victim is always abused and helpless, suffering in pain, cruel and unusual treatments; always without power or control.

However, is the sinner really in control of the sins, especially the deadly ones, consuming them?  

Or do the sins, like any drug, take over in addiction?   

The more the power trips, the more abuses in sins, the more addicted and out of control the sinners behaviors become; 

escalating usually in the death of the victim at the hands of the abusers or incarceration of the abusers.

Believe it or not, if the victim lives long enough, eventually, in the end, when salvation is on the line for the sinner/abuser, and redemption is required, the power shifts from the perpetrator to the victim, because only the victim can grant forgiveness.  

Eventually, we all have to make peace with the Lord.

And to do that we have to confess our sins, repent and atone.  

Without the process of redemption, there is no possibility of salvation (for the sinner/abuser).


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