Thursday, May 18, 2023


Pass on to the Mes,

Life is not based upon what you want;

And neither are any of the spiritual laws based upon what you want.

If you base everything upon what you want and see through the eyes of selfish desires and power trips, then all your perceptions will be wrong and not based in reality or the truth.

Narcissistic views are simply projection of self in selfish desires and wants;

And those type prognosticators will end up with shallow and unreliable predictions, not accurate or substantive, mere super bs.

If you shut your eyes to reality, real threats, like deadly contagions, will rage out of control.

If you fill your insecurities with rage, with hate, with power trips, it still will not address the real problems and roots of your fears.  

Covering them up with pretense, with blame, with alcohol or drugs, still will not address the real issues and problems at hand.

Cheating, lying and conning your way to the head of the pack to get what you want, does not make you a great or wise leader.  

All below will have to follow your the ignorance and incompetence and the unholy practices covering up those faults.  

Garbage in will not result in excellence.  

Garbage in will result in garbage out.  

Ignorance in, will not result in wisdom.

Ignorance in, will result in stupid outcomes out.

Abuse in, will not result in love or innovation.


Because abuse or torture is not love or inspiration and causes only harm, disincentives and crimes against humanity.

In the end, it is not what you think that matters, but how the Lord will judge.

Imagining yourself saved is not the same as actually being saved with the Holy Spirit, especially if you are not compatible with the Holy and cannot see the Lord.


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