Monday, May 1, 2023



I wish you would stop using forgiveness as a means to manipulate, whitewash and bypass redemption and salvation.  

There is no forgiveness received without first confession of sin, without repentance and without atonement.  

You cannot read whatever you want into wishful thinking and imagine forgiveness without redemption.  

When in the course of human events, you chose dishonor in game cheats, power trips, abuses and indecency to get what you want, then unclean and abusive you shall remain until you clean yourselves up and atone.  

The innocent forgiveness of the victim has nothing to do with the sins of the perpetrator sinner.

Innocent forgiveness helps to heal the victim and has nothing whatsoever to do with the redemption of the perpetrator which begins first with confession of the sin(s).

Without the desire to repent and atone then unrepentant and unclean, shall the perpetrator sinner remain.  

Without the remorseful heart to ask and then receive forgiveness then unforgiven, shall the sinner remain.

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