Monday, May 22, 2023


It is a complete fallacy that pain will get a person to talk about relevant information.  

Agitation and aggravation and pain may get a person to talk, but the person will likely talk about what is on her or his mind which will be the pain and aggravation.  

Torture and the first thing that comes to mind is the pain; the second most likely expletives, followed by what you would likely do to the torturer if you had the chance to get back at them.  

Break a person, you might get one-off information that might be relevant, but that person would be useless for any other information after, because of total debilitation and the inability to function normally afterwards, let alone produce or create anything substantive.

How do you know if this is true? 

Try it on yourself or follow the physics of wave particle duality and cause and effect.  

Negative stimuli cause negative responses.  

Garbage in, garbage out.

Slap yourself and see the response would be pain followed by an ouch or expletive(s), not conversations in intellectual thought.

Up those slaps into injuries that are permanent after constant and continuous aggravated agitation, aggravations, abuses and assaults and you will unlikely be able to function normally, let alone access higher functions needed to be productive.


All the abuses, pain and suffering, cruel and unusual treatments are not inspirational or helpful in the creation of innovations; 

and are a complete waste of time and damning in its abusive, cruel and unholy nature;

and will never get you to lights or salvation, only damnation.

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