Wednesday, July 27, 2022



Where do you pin your hopes and dreams?  

If you place your bets on the wrong horse, bank on the unreliable, then do not expect great returns.  

It does not take a genius to know that it is unsustainable to continuously double down on liabilities and triple down on sins, because in the end all you would have left are the liabilities and the sins.  

I do not know how far gone in power trips your friend happens to be, but even rats flee sinking ships.  

For your friend to put his fortunes behind sinking ships is unwise.  

Prosperity cannot be created through stupidity, nor peace achieved through cruelty.  

The mundane power of Caesar is transient.  

Therefore, pinning any hopes and dreams on anything other than the holy, will not lead to salvation, peace or prosperity.  

  When a person fails to act in good faith, that person is breaking his or her fiduciary duty, word, honor and the bond of trust.   And when...