Friday, July 22, 2022


Forgiveness is not redemption.  

Forgiveness by the victim does not cleanse the soul of the sinner nor does it absolve the sinner of that sin.  

What cleanses the soul of the sinner is redemption.  

In order to begin the process of redemption, the sinner must first confess the sin.

Work through the process of redemption, much like that of getting clean from substance abuse in a twelve step program, repent and atone.  

One does not control sin, like substance abuse, must abstain, expel and exorcise sin or abusive substance.

Do not give footholds to sin.  

Do not assume forgiveness from the Lord and not work on the process of redemption or the path of redemption, because the consequences are dire upon death if sins remain unrepented and unatoned.  

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