Friday, August 23, 2019

Duty of Care


Do your ministers or leaders really care?

Is there duty of care?

Care is looking after the well-being physical and spiritual of your person.

Your well-being and salvation should be part of the duty of care of leaders.

Duty of care requires working on processes including redemption and provisions that are necessary for spiritual and physical well-being and salvation.

It is not care to cater to sin and let sinners continue to injure their souls and hurt victims, because the fear of reprisals in attendance and tithing. 

Or give false absolution by perversing forgiveness and bypassing redemption.

What happens when you remove the process of redemption for sinners?

Is that care?

Church leaders must set best practices  where the highest moral ethics and standards are in place. 

Church must be a place for salvation, not a hunting ground for sexual predators and abusers.

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