Friday, August 30, 2019

Predicting Prognostications


I am not sure why some are hyperfocused upon predictions.

If you have anyone looking through eyes of jealousy, hatred, lust, greed, power trips and/ or selfish gain, then whatever this person sees will be skewed and biased.

Moreover, the person's character will determine if that person is trustworthy and will not give misleading, misdirecting information or grandiose tales and out and out lies.

Unbias analysis begins with the truth.  

Accurate predictions is predicated upon projections from the current truth to where it will be in the future.  

Which is why this statement should make sense to most: garbage in garbage out.

How reasonable will it be to predict genius outcomes based upon nonexistent intelligence? 

How about outcomes based upon nonexistent or grandiose abilities?  

It is not difficult to predict that weak people, practicing bad behaviors and practices will likely continue in destructive abuses, because these liars believe that they are fooling others (but in reality, fool themselves in grandiose delusions of grandeur and power).

And it is not difficult to prognosticate that on Judgement Day the outcome for unholy and sinful people is eternal Damnation.  

Not because I wish it, but because it's the Truth of it.

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