Thursday, August 22, 2019

What are your true colors?


What do you have to offer to the Lord, to humanity?

What do you have to give?

If you do not know, find out the you the Lord meant for you to be.

By simple existence, even at rest, you generate energy, as part of humanity, society.  

By our actions, we determine the culture and cultural experiences, we as a collective will have. 

If you do not want these experiences to be negative, then you have to set forth good practices in line with the Holy Spirit and the Lord's Commandments to love.

If you do not want to generate negative energy within and throughout, you have to give of yourself (in a way consistent to what the Lord intend) in fellowship and love.

By giving selflessly, you discover the types of gifts you have to offer and your true colors.

Discover the you the Lord created and meant for you to be.

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