Friday, August 2, 2019

True Security


Do you know how many mass shootings there are in the world?

Inappropriate use and abuse of power often cause the very problems that they seek to solve, security.

Do you ever wonder why history seem to repeat itself?

Power is not wisdom, neither is hate or fear.

Power does not learn, neither does hate or fear.

It cannot get to the root of the problem.

In fact, often times it is the problem, especially when its wielded by the ignoramuses.

Power can corrupt the weak and the selfish into abuse of power.

Abuse of power is sinful, because it causes harm and leads to bad practices of hate and fear, power and control.

Hate and fear is against the teachings of Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and Lord; therefore, sacrilegious.

Power and control is not security, but massive cover-ups in fears and insecurity.

In the end, abuse of power, hate and fear, power and control will destabilize the practitioner in sins and cause humanity harm. 

Practice instead the teaching of Jesus Christ and Love, because that's true security in Peace.

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