Friday, August 16, 2019

Respect the Holy


Do you know why in the old days people highly respected prophets, shamans or soothsayers?

The primary reason is that they can see beyond the ordinary.

They see into the heart and soul of a person and divine the future within the context of good and evil; good life, good fortune and good afterlife or not.

The problem these days is that there are so many fraudsters running amuck and committing crimes and corruption of potential Seers that true prophets are not revered and respected in the same manner.

If an "extraordinary" person cannot tell the difference between holy or unholy, then that person does not have a connection to the divine and is not a true prophet.  

Unclean, unholy people cannot see anything, but their own selfish desires mired in sins.  

The reason why you should respect and revere true prophets (they actually follow the law of the prophets, because they know if they do not, it messes up their own souls and auras; and please note that there are different levels of ability and depth, holier and wiser) for they can spiritually heal you and lead you toward a good life and salvation.

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