Thursday, August 29, 2019



Do you know what happens to victims when crimes go unanswered?

When perpetrators go unpunished,  the crimes and sins escalate. 

The sinners believe themselves to be invincible and too clever to ever be caught, thinking they have and can get away with bad behaviors, abuses and crime.

It is the same when adversaries get away with trickery by finding weaknesses in character and destabilizing their opponents.

When the trickery goes beyond propriety, decency and honor, and incite hatred and crime, then no longer are they adversaries, but criminal masterminds hellbent and intent on sin and destruction (in order to gain power of destruction).

The failures in addressing these weakness, especially when players are fooled and played for fools are crisises in weaknesses, security and safety.

When fools imagine themselves winners, invincible and powerful, as they are taken for a fool and are dishonorable, weak, compromised idiots, then out of bound trickery goes unanswered and the harmful tricks in sin, abuse and hatred continues.

These weakness will translate into lack of security, safety, honor, decency and on and on it goes into further weaknesses and depravity.  

Because these fools lack the courage to face the truth, recognize just how far they have been played and what they have become (Satan's puppets, sinners, abusers and criminals with countless counts of sins, abuses and crimes against humanity), the divisions will go on, and compromised weaknesses will continue to be exploited in sin and hatred.

Satan wins.  Humanity destabilized.

And what will be manifested onto the world will be the sinful, hateful trickery designed to divided, conquer and destroy, then we all fall victims to Satan.

Unless, we answer with love, respect and regard to having propriety in honor and follow the law of the prophets or rule of law,  have the courage to recognize the truth and deal with weaknesses in character, there will never be real security or safety.

Ultimately our children will pay the price as they are groomed like lambs for slaughter or abuse, to answer to and obey Satan and Satan's puppets.  

They will live in a world filled with manifestations of sins and hate (just so these unholy tricksters can gain power, conquer the world and win as they, themselves, lose their souls to sin and Satan).

Unless you answer, the price will be steep.

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....