Tuesday, April 5, 2022


If it is never enough, where will it end?  

The problem with destructive behaviors is that it is destructive.  

You do not need an enemy to destroy to be destructive; anyone in the initial orbit is collateral damage.  

How many innocent people are destroyed in terrorist attacks?  

Let me be clear, every victim of a terrorist attack is innocent.  

In the Oklahoma City bombing, 168 souls were lost, including 19 children, the youngest victim was 4 months old, with several hundred more injured*; many of the victims were white.

Though the terrorist was later convicted and executed by lethal injection, his death is cold comfort to the victim families who will never see their babies grow up, parents and grandparents alive.  

The problem with feeding the beast of power, violence and hate is that sooner or later it spirals out of control, because it feeds on more, more power trips, more hate, more and more insatiable wins and more conquests.  

What actually gets conquered and won?  

When our sense of humanity is overrun and conquered by fear, hatred, ends justifying the means at any cost, including human lives and untolled numbers of collateral damage neatly packaged in power trips or glory, what is lost is our salvation, our peace, our love for the Lord and our neighbors.  

When salvation is lost, it does not matter what you have won and conquered in life, because in death only hell and damnation awaits.  



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