Tuesday, April 6, 2021

What Was Truly At Stake?


What if you could travel back in time to see things the way they truly were back then, 2012 and 2020, would you? 

Would it do any good, if nothing was learned and nothing changes?

I mean, it would not do any good for the still groomed to travel back, look thru eyes still blinded by lies, to see what the gaslighters, grandiose manipulators, read whatever you want into things trickers, wanted them to see and believe back then?  

People incited into hate, power trips and destructive tendencies would only want to make sure it was good and destroyed back then and hate more back then.  

Still would not care what was being destroyed as long as get to destroy, hate, lust in the abusive delight of the unholy power trips.

But what would have been destroyed if completely successful or what was not managed to be salvaged?  

Do you even know or care what was at stake back then?  

What is at stake now?  

Do you even know?  

Salvation, honor, decency, dignity, respect of a people?  

Future prosperity and peace?  

Life, well-being and health of people everywhere? 

For a predicting group obsessed with seeing the future, the grandiose seers did not see anything truthful, real or substantive back then or practice anything non destructive- meddling into harm and causing catastrophic disasters, back then and now into the future.  

Not sure why then, you would allow them, the unholies in shepherd's clothing, to continue with gaslighting and grooming bad practices, criminal fraud, crimes against humanity and countless counts of continuous felonies, abuses and abuses of power.

As you did not see the urgency to remove bad actors then, of what was clear and present dangers to lights and victims, and the causes of damnation to some, you do not see urgency to remove the dangers now.  

When you give footholds to sins, to ignorance, to liars, manipulators, sinners and grandiose tricksters, you open the door to your own destruction and damnation.  

Would it do any good to travel back in time?  

Would you be able to see things the way they truly were, the way the Lord would judge everything?  

Would you see what was truly at stake?   

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....