Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Not Really Difficult Concepts


I am surprised you still have people not understanding the concept of garbage in - garbage out.  

If you remove the one that can see and replace it with the ones that cannot see anything, but the gutter, then obviously you will be operating blind or in total misdirection.  

Puffed up grandeur is puff up grandeur, nothing but made up lies, covered in narcissistic megalomania.  

If someone does not possess high level intelligence or I.Q., it is impossible for that person to produce genius level results or understand complex problems and sometimes simple ones, let alone solve complex issues.  

The same if someone does not have high emotional intelligence, it is impossible for that person to create any kind of innovation.  

The choices and possibilities in life are not so few and so finite that it becomes anyone's guessing game and voilĂ , there you have the correct answers without intelligence (including emotional), reason, wisdom, or discernment of any kind.  

How will you learn or know anything substantive or meaningful without using your own mind, heart and soul?  

How will you innovate and solve complex issues and problems without your best minds? 

How will you receive salvation without using your own mind, heart and soul?  

How will you understand complex connections and connect to the Holy Spirit without your best minds, hearts and souls?

Having unholies in shepherd's clothing, in power, will not help you with enlightenment.  

Instead, the manipulators of sins and lies will corrupt you further away from the Lord in compromised behaviors and temptations.  

Sins in - damnation out.  

Super messer uppers in - super messes and super disasters out.

Not really difficult concepts.  

How good is your sight right now?  

How good is your understanding?

  “Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power.”        ...