Monday, April 5, 2021

How To Face The Future?


How was your Easter?

Let's not talk about imaginary forgiveness never able to be received by the unrepentant; or imaginary salvation by the unholy.  

Let's talk about what happened earlier when I was told that I looked like a talker.*

My first thought, "Looks can be deceiving."

How many of us have been deceived by someone's looks?  

The good news is that time will tell and reveal someone's true colors.  

The bad news is that time will tell and reveal someone's true colors.  

How much time must pass before the good people are appreciated?

How much time must pass, damage and injuries must occur before the bad is discovered and removed?  

It is rare to have a person sensitive enough to recognize the consequences and impact of current events and players on future consequences and events.  

However, everybody can use the benefit of hindsight to reevaluate and see the progression of consequences (if one has the true correlations and facts), the good and the bad.  

Why then do we not debunk the lies, fraud, sabotages, manipulations, grooming and gaslighting?  

Why live in the false sense of securities?  

The real danger is to live in delusions whereby real dangers, clear and present threats are ignored.  

When this happens, do we have intelligence, especially when the incompetent frauds can disguise their super grandiose lies as real power and intelligence? 

Let's take a good look at what has happened in the past, before leaping into the future.  

Do we need to tell builders not to build on the quicksand of lies and super nonsense?  

Apparently, we do, because history keeps repeating itself.  

However, history does not repeat itself at the same point of standing.  

In other words, if you make a bad investment, lose money, then you make another bad investment, and another and so on, you end up with less and less and less, until you have nothing to invest.  

The same goes for your character. If you commit a sin and continue to sin, you end up with less and less character, less honor, less integrity, less and less, until you have no character at all.

The same goes for your standing in the world. If leaders continue to be an embarrassment, make poor leadership decisions, then will have less and less standing, which translates to less and less influence and power, until end with no standing at all.

Therefore, it behoves us all to get back to best practices, real intelligence, truth, honor, integrity and decency.  

It behoves us all to also have real salvation, not real nonsense, lies and fraud.   

The consequences to not finding the truth, to not having honor and decency, to not having competence and intelligence, to not having salvation, are to face dangers, clear and present, without any intelligence and strategies, and to run out of time to be saved in the Lord.

Just imagine not having any of the vaccines for COVID-19 and imagine what the future would be like without.   

Perhaps then, you might understand the urgency to learn from past mistakes and sins, to take corrective actions, to repent and atone for sins, to brave the truth.  

The future is unpredictable, but to face it thinking you see with frauds, thinking you know and have security in lies, and thinking you have the Lord's blessing in sins, is building everything of quicksand, nonsense and damnation.  

Yes, looks can be deceiving, but to let the bad continuously deceive or to let the good continuously be underappreciated, is not wise.

*From Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery App.

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