Friday, April 9, 2021

The Future 2


Let's continue our discussion about the future, specifically predicting the future.  

What is the key to predicting the future?  

The key to predicting the future is being able to see the truth, the good, the bad and the ugly, into the unknown.    

Who's truth?  

The Lord's truth.  


By connecting to the Holy Spirit.   

Will just anyone be able to have this talent? 


Are there different levels of talent?


Let's piggyback upon the idea of what would make a good behavioral analyst.  

The ability to unbiasedly analyze and identify the true nature of the subject being studied.  

A good analyst does not confuse his or her feelings, nature and transfer their preferences or past experiences of bias into the subject studied and then expect to get a good reading of the subject.

The same is true of a good seer.  

Just as you would vet an analyst for good character and loyalty, the same must be true for a seer.

Because how do you know if a seer or predictor is telling the truth or making up lies for selfish gain and fortune, selfish desires and megalomaniac power or selling out to adversaries?   

It is the inclination of a person to see what they want to see, not necessarily seeing what is reality.  

It is the inclination of a person to project out their fears, biases or doubts onto others. 

The combination of these two factors greatly impact what a person is able to see in the present and especially into the future.  

Mostly in hindsight can one better take a step back to rationally see and fully brave the truth; and even then many fail to achieve, still blinded by biases and ignorance and fears.  

It is rare to find someone with the character, talent and the ability to connect to the Holy Spirit to truly see.  

And realize the ability to see and the ability to understand what it is you are seeing are two very different things and involve different processes.

Also realize like pieces of puzzles yet unsolved and not yet found, the likelihood of seeing complete pieces of the puzzle evolve with discovery.  

If you set perceptions or knowledge in stone, it is unlikely you will adapt to new discoveries in information or understanding and ever achieve enlightenment; let alone see anything (but what you want or what you fear).

And if you want answers, at least the correct ones or substantive ones, you have to ask the correct and substantive questions; otherwise what you seek is never what matters or accurate and correct.  

This is especially true if you want future answers.

If what to see is off the mark, then you will never hit upon the correct future.  

Then you will never see.

Just like if you are unclean in mind and impure in heart and soul, you will never see the Lord or Heaven's Gate.

If you are out of step with the Lord today, you will likely be out of step with the Lord tomorrow unless you take corrective action.  

Do you see salvation in your future?



Predictions made by the unholy are not to be trusted or followed, because you might manifest into reality what the Holy Spirit does not wish.  

If you are complicit or conspire with unholies predictors or pretenders, then you might end up in hell with them.

Unless verified by the holy teacher, nonsense and fraudulent predictors are just that, nonsense and fraudulent.  

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