Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Nonsense Predictions In Damnations


Too bad eight or nine years ago, the Lord's blessing was not secured.  

Instead, it changed from blessings into damnation of the unholy ones associated with the church.  

Too bad, some still do not realize why, even though, the crimes against humanity and sins bear out the reasons.  

Yet, some of the worst offenders still imagine themselves saved, even though damned to the deepest parts of hell.  

Why those people do not have a healthy respect for the Lord and ethics which are the Lord's Laws, I do not know.  

Hell means forever suffering the agony of anguish, burning, thirst and gnashing of "teeth".  

Why would anyone want hellish experiences and for all of eternity?  

I do not create the Laws.  

I know only what the Lord allows. 

At every major juncture, at the crossing of Rubicon, the so-called Christians fail their tests of character and cause major corruption in sins to occur, thus the damnation.  

For some reason, there is this obsession with predicting the future.  

Yet, the future seen by unholy corruptors are shallow and pale imitations, steeped in their grandiose delusions of future realities.  

Moreover, their future entails complete distortions of the truth and inabilities to see the consequences of their sins and ultimate future in hell.  

The unholy predictors are so much into predicting the future there is never a pause to live in the present or learn in hindsight.  

There is only nonsense or shallow predictions in damnations and escalating grandiose delusions and bad practices in abuses of power and sins and non-existent salvation and forgiveness by the Lord.  

The Lord has not forgiven them and the most real process of damnning them began the moment of betrayal in abuses of power and corruption in sins.

Unless real processes of redemption and atonement become fully realized, the very real consequences of their abuses in power and corruption will manifest itself in sickness, death and disasters (economic, terrorism and many more destructive consequences).  

Too bad their grooming and brainwashing of others are not recognized as signs and manifestations of their corruption and abuses of power in their groomed and brainwashed behaviors in sins.   

Until this problem is recognized no real processes in redemption and atonement can be realized and the consequences of their damnation will continue to arise. 

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....