Monday, March 22, 2021

Dear Youngest Earnest Heart,

Know that the Lord loves you, as does your family.  

Know that the Holy Spirit sees you for who you are and who you can be in your heart and soul.  

There will always be those that cannot see; therefore, cannot accomplish any of the Lord's Designs.  

Their ambitions and selfish desires will cause them to be corrupt in power and out of line with their position in the Lord's Design. 

Pay no mind to those ignorant fools.  

Pay attention to the Holy Spirit and its guiding light.  

Defend against sins; no footholds to sins and if injured, expel the negatives caused by the sins of harm and if need be, exorcise the sins.    

You are not expected by the Lord to be greater than yourself; therefore, be yourself and live in the truth of the Lord.  

In the Eon of Time, we are only a tiny part of the Lord's Design.  

No matter our accomplishments, there will never be enough time.  

What matters is that you pass your tests of character.  

Do what you can and take it easy.      

Life is challenging enough without adding unnecessary blocks, pressures and hardships.  

Breathe and use the best technique and process to accomplish a task.  

Keep certain goals flexible to match the dynamics of the Holy Spirit.  

I know you dislike it when I get preachy, so I will stop here, especially since you know better than I most of the time.  

Remember, you still have much to learn and discern, no matter your age.  



I doubt you will ever be able to be or do worst than those unholy ignorant abusers of power.  Therefore, directly put your best foot forward.   

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