Thursday, January 28, 2021

People First, Safety First


Please, people first, safety first.  

Yes, give people stimulus to survive and those not in need to give the avenue to give back.  

But, let's get off the merry-go-round of bad choices and similar practices that caused greater messes in the first place.  

Let's differentiate ourselves by putting people and safety first.  

We cannot afford to open up to greater infection rates, sickness and death rates, because our hospitals and morgues cannot handle the overrun. 

Unless you want to see mass graves and hospital overflows without the personnel to handle the sickness, without the means to effectively help the sick, then we must hold the line. 

Give needed time for the vaccines to arrive.  

Hope is on the horizon.  

We need only to put it in the best practices and strategies, the best people with competence for the job and hold the line just until help (enough vaccines and stimulus) arrives.  

Please, help and save lives.  

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