Thursday, January 28, 2021

Take a Breath and Begin With the Holy Spirit


Life can be like a dream or nightmare.  

It is a wonderful life if you can pass each and every test of character no matter what comes your way- hardships, tragedies, challenges and heartbreak.  

You are defined by the choices you make in experiences which test your character, your endurance and your resolve. 

Wise choices with the Holy Spirit brings you closer to the Lord and will grace and shape your character for the better.  

No question you will suffer pain and difficulties in hardship, tragedies, challenges and heartbreak, but you will make it through (one footsteps with the Lord), endure, pick yourself up and go forth to serve purposefully the Lord and humanity with strength of character earned in honor, in integrity, in grace and in service.  

Failures of character will cause nightmare scenarios and it becomes imperative you brave the truth, face what you have become, confess your weaknesses or sins, repent and atone and make peace with the Lord.  

When it comes to great challenges or difficulties, do your best and what you can; and remember, as Confucius says, the journey (as each task great or small) of a thousand miles begins with a single step (and a single breath).  

Take a breath and begin your step with the Holy Spirit, a prayer and the wise.  

You may be surprised.  

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