Friday, January 29, 2021



Do not go further into Sickness and Death, contain COVID-19.

"With power comes responsibility."

This sin* of blame and shame, in misdirection, does not remove the perpetrator-sinner from his or her sin(s) and shame of blame and whatever sins and crimes perpetrated prior and after blame.  

When you fool yourself into believing that the responsibility for committing the sin(s) is actually removed, without taking responsibility in the confession of sin, in blame, you lie to yourself.

What do you think the confession (of sin or crime) is all about?  

Hint, it has to do with taking responsibility for one's own actions.  

Without taking responsibility there is no redemption.  

If you are in a position of power and do not object to practices of harm, you are complicit; and if you participate in practice of harm you are perpetrating or aiding and abetting.  

Any sickness and death resulting in bad behaviors and practices are at the feet of those in power that initiate and enforce bad policies.

The Lord will hold you responsible for your actions, good or bad.  

No one escapes Judgement.  

Judgement is not based upon blame, but character and actions you are responsible for.  

Therefore, take a step back, think clearly and act responsibility.

Try to walk in the footsteps of the wise, the competent.  


*Sin of blame is a sin because it prevents the process of redemption; therefore, prevents the sinner from salvation.

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