Monday, December 14, 2020

How You Face Your Tests of Character


What if are you see is darkness?  

No light at the end of the tunnel?

Unless you end up in hell, this too shall pass.  

Take a leap of faith; 

Take it one breath at a time;

If you have sinned, nothing is stopping you from cleaning yourself up, confessing your sin, repenting and atoning.  

You need only to try to be a better person, work towards good character and best practices to make it into purgatory.

From there, work to be able to receive the Holy Spirit, to do no harm and have a purity of heart to see the Lord and Heaven's Gate.  

The tragedies and challenges of life are but tests of character, rise or fall, to every experience or occasion, then rise higher into enlightenment or pick yourself up and endure.

In the end, we are end up at the same place of Judgement.  

That Judgement depends upon the Lord; 

The ultimate outcome depends upon you and how you choose to live your life and face your tests of character.  

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