Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Why Blame?


Why blame?  

The pathology of blame involves running away from one's own fears and insecurities of ego and failures in life and character; and then in cowardice turn to blaming others.  

When the coward-incompetent fails, failures are projects onto a scapegoat, blame-shifting, in order to avoid facing one's own failures or incompetence. 

Blame-shifting is a misdirection; despirate attempt to shift the focus away from the failures and the incompetence.  

The added aggravation occurs when the blame-shifting is followed by another projection of retaliation upon the victim scapegoat as if the scapegoat did something wrong upon the hatred of self-loathing from the blamer.  

What make it insidious is that there are always something to find fault in or nitpick in someone else or in life in general, after all no one is perfect and life well-lived never runs smoothly.  

In today's sometimes shallow vanity, attacking a women's looks and weight or a man's hair and strength tends to get traction in misdirection.  

Also activating and aggravating malcontent or hate tends to get traction, because those that are malcontent are already vulnerable to negative circumstances and negative suggestions, because already in a negative state of mind.  

Tearing down someone else and make as miserable and downhearted makes the blamer feel less alone in his or her failures or if grandiose act like he or she has the same standing as the person trying to knock and bring down.  

In the end, the utter failure of the blamer to face one's own fears and insecurities of ego and failures in life and charactert leads to the cycle of continuous and escalating failures; 

Because nothing is learned from failures or corrected in the blamer, failures accumulates and so does the escalating vicious attacks in blame and hate projected upon scapegoats;

Because ultimately, the problems and the agent of failures and incompetence are still with the blamer and the problem will never be addressed or solved in scapegoats.  

Nothing gets accomplished by the blamer and nothing really happens except blame, misdirection, malcontent and hate.  

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