Friday, July 24, 2020

Why the Insistence on More Sickness, Death and Destruction?


I am extremely worried and concerned for our leaders, our children, our teachers, people and humanity.

Perhaps I am talking to the wall, this impenetrable, unreasonable, uncaring wall.  

When we opened our businesses too soon, COVID-19 wildfires rage out of control.  

What do you think will happen if we open our schools too soon?  

Over 50 million school* age children and 3.7 million teachers will add that much more fuel to the COVID-19 wildfire.  

If children over 10 years of age transmit the contagion as fast as adults, you have added over 30 million fuel to the wildfires. 

If you calculate at risk children at 2 percent, that is over 1 million children needing hospitalization and/or burials. 

Then there is the nature of a virus, pseudo alive, but once inside a host replicate and mutate.  

If the mutations become more efficient and inflect greater numbers at younger ages or the virus mutates greatly from the original strain, then younger people will have higher symptomatic risks and vaccines developed with the orginal strain may not be as effective or completely ineffective.  

Therefore, the goal is to have containment, not add more fuel to raging wildfires.  

If you calculate the length of time of COVID-19 infiltration, 1 to 2 month then deathrate skyrockets.  

Then the target range for another round and this time greater and huge skyrocketing deaths and hospitalizations will be middle to end of October with exponential increases into the holidays.  

The strain of the economy will be even greater then and hospitals will be way over capacity.

Why constantly increase the risk of sickness, death and destruction of the economy and hospital systems?

Why the insistence on more sickness, death and destruction? 


Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....