Friday, July 10, 2020



Stop thinking in terms of right or wrong, because the coronavirus does not discriminate or care what you think.  

If you offer yourself up as a host, it will replicate in you and spread.  

Depending upon your risk factor, you may or may not get seriously ill and die.  

Why risk it?  

And why put others in harms way?  

It is not just our lives on the line, but our souls as well.  

It is completely unholy to not care about the well-being of people.

This time is a test of our character, our fortitude, our resolve.  

Whether or not we all pass this test remains to be seen.  

Whether it results in somes damnation remains to be seen.  

How we live through tests of trials and tribulations matters.

It defines us as a people and shapes us as a nation.  

We were close, very close to getting this thing under control, we simply made a mistake and opened up too soon.  

We can correct this mistake.  

We can adapt to the problem and situation at hand, because we are intelligent beings.  

We can manage a simple, not even technically alive, microorganism, COVID-19, that cannot even begin to do anything unless we give in to it and offer ourselves up as hosts.   

Let's do what the Lord expect us to do and behave in a manner that takes into account the well-being of our neighbors. 

Let's pass this vital test of our character together and in a manner acceptable to the Lord. 

Thank You

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