Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Real Security and Real Christianity


Again, do not have your so-called friend blame the Lord for the sins of man.  

Do not blame the innocent; blame the guilty. 

You need to hold who ever is responsible for the sin(s) responsible. 

Sinners are responsible for the sin(s) and crimes against humanity, not the victims.  

I say this because when you question why this is happening, it is because bad apples are allowed to perpetrate bad practices, crimes, sins and abuses of power.  

It is not due to some abstract reason where you cannot trace the problem and find evidence of the patterns of bad behaviors, crimes and sins.  

Just like the COVID-19 tragedy can be traced and evidence can be found of sickness and death in hospitalizations, the morgue and funeral homes.  

Again the only way a virus, a pseudo alive organism, can spread is if people (allow themselves to) become hosts and spread the contagion which is due to bad practices. 

Too often people are groomed or intimated into allowing for bad practices, sins and crimes against humanity as if the blame is on something or someone else other than the bad practices by the perp(s) or sinners.

When this happens, bad things continue to happen (spreading of contagions, sins, crimes against humanity and abuses of power).

If there is no enforcement of security and safety protocols and best practices then there is no security or real safety.  

It does no good to have constant vigilance if you are going to ignore the vigilant and not follow it up with accountability and responsibility or best practices; bad practices allow for spreads of contagions, sins, bad behaviors, fraud and Judas-acts.

Do not imagine you have security when you have nothing, but grandiose delusions and lies.  

Real security requires braving the truth and enforcing best practices (not bad practices, sins or hate).  

Real Christianity requires braving the Truth and enforcing Best practices (not Bad practices, sins or Hate).

  "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the Lord."                                - Matthew 5:8  Without a pure heart...