Saturday, February 22, 2020

Rid Yourself of False Notions and Grooming


Again, I urge you to rid yourself of false notions and groomed mindsets that lead to not only temptations and sins, but acceptance of sins and therefore Satan and Satan's corruptions.

Believing that you are saved in Jesus Christ hold true only if you actually follow the Teachings and obey the Commandments to love the Lord and to love your neighbor as yourself.

Else, what are the purpose of the Teachings and the Commandments of Christ? 

Again, it is completely sacriledgious for ministers or priests, some themselves practicing sexual abuse or other sins, to groom their flock into accepting sinful behaviors by preaching we are all  sinners.  

We are not all sinners, though we are all capable of sin.  When Jesus Christ died on the cross, original sin was washed away.  

In no way are we allowed to accept sin, practice sin or even serve two masters; we must serve only the Lord.

It is also sacriledgious to use the grace of forgiveness as a manipulation tool to coverup sinful behaviors and crimes, to continue sinning and abusing and to imagine oneself saved (if ever forgiven by the Lord).

In Matthew 7:21, Jesus Christ stated to a group believers that when Judgement Day comes, many will say that they have in my name spread the gospel, drove out demons and performed miracles, but Christ will say, "I never knew you. Get away from me you unholy people!".

Now, does this scripture passage sound like unholy believers that are sinners will be forgiven by the Lord for their sins and be allowed into Heaven?

Yes, we are taught in the Lord's Prayer to ask for forgiveness if we have committed some wrong or trespass, but the ask of forgiveness does not automatically mean that we are forgiven.

The process by which any sinner is redeemed is not solely in the forgiveness of the victim or the Lord, but by the process of redemption in confession, repentance and atonement.

Again, I would urge you to rid yourself of false notions and grooming by embracing the Truth.

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