Thursday, February 27, 2020

Ultimate Failures and Slaves to Sins, Power and Control


The Unholies, as yet, know no shame; understand nothing of their disgrace.

Every failure in their test of character edge them closer and closer to hell.

The practice of sins, of power and control, only costs them more losses in self control (increases in violent and irrational behaviors).  

Power and control stifles self-expression and love in stagnant surpression (of self) and oppression of family, people and humanity.  

These practitioners of sins, power and control are the slaves to its own grandiose lies and delusions of control.  

The Unholies objectify everything and everyone; collecting trophies and notches on their belts while notching out their own humanity and their place in Hell.

Each trophy evidence of their crimes against humanity and the Lord.  

These Unholies are the ultimate slaves to sins because of continuous practices in sins and constant failures to love the Lord (by respecting what belongs to Lord), to follow the Lord's Commandment to love thy neighbor as yourself, and to be honorable and decent human beings.

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