Sunday, February 16, 2020

Conversation Expanded


Let's expand upon the conversation yesterday.  

It is not possible for a person in a negative state use power to try to force his or her way into Heaven; 

In a negative existence, this person is already in a personal hell and connected to actual Hell's Shadows through sins and sinful practices.

And unless a person has purity of heart, that person will not see the Lord, the Light or Heaven's Gate (cannot find it).

In addition, the greater the negative power or force applied to any positive the further the repulsion.

Why stress these truths? 

Some people have the problem of gravitating toward power as a means of controlling themselves and the world around them. 

These power and control people give up the power to understand and heal themselves and the world around them and to exorcise fear, insecurites and sins; choosing instead to run from and fill the void of their shortcomings with the illusion of power and control, hate or self-loathing and loathing of other people in blame.

It leads to bad practices in not only abuses of power, but abuses of people in excuses to have power and control.

The greater these negative practices in power and control (due to insecurities, fear, hate and sins), the further repulsed from humanity and the original self (the Lord created) and less control of actual self (increases in out of contol behaviors, such as loss of temper and greater violent tendencies and outbursts).

Finally, whatever sins or graces sowed, whatever your state of being, you cannot run from yourself and your existence.   

You also cannot run from the Lord and the indomitable truth that we all must face one day on Judgement Day.

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