Thursday, February 20, 2020

Predicting the Future


There is a hyper focus upon predicting the future of one's life of Caesar,  but a lack predicting the future of one's salvation or damnation. 

Gaining knowledge of one's fame or fortune is not the same as gaining insight to one's enlightenment.

Forecasters forecast based upon their ability, insight, sensitivity and character; those that are shallow or vain will be interested only in things that will further their selfish gains or desires and those that are wise will be interested in furthering enlightened pathways.

What future you manifest will depend upon what you choose.

Your future you depend upon who you choose to be today in whatever the circumstance (how you play the hand you are dealt even if you know what you will be dealt); the future you do not depend upon what some might predict (unless you let it).  

Whatever the future might bring, if you lose your soul to sins and Satan today, your soul will be in jeopardy tomorrow.

Predicting the future of Caesar, does not address your future in Heaven or if you even have a future in Heaven.

Take a good look at your future's future; will it even be with the Lord?

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