Sunday, May 5, 2019

With Love


Even Jesus said that there will always be the poor in the world. 

But it does not mean we let the poor suffer or not create as many opportunities as possible for people to better themselves and their family.  

The human condition is a part of life.  Whether rich or poor, we are subject to similar constraints in health, in mind, in heart and in the soul. 

There are no ways to go through life without ups and downs, and eventually we all die. 

Whether an event is sad, tragic or celebratory, it is how we deal with it that define our character and life. 

Some deal with their situation in life by hate or blame. 

These haters hate another group for taking away jobs that they imagine would have been theirs without betterment of themselves or without innovating and creating new industries and products that actually create the jobs. 

Will hate come up with cures for cancer or disease? 

Will hate improve the quality of life? 

Will hate come up with any kind of productive solutions in understanding or wisdom?

There are many reasons why Jesus taught us not to hate, but to love with humility and compassion. 

It is for the love for humanity that Jesus died for us. 

It is through the love of humanity that we have the passion to serve and be inspired to come up with creative innovations for betterment of the world and humankind. 

As stewards of the earth, we are called to serve the Lord and everybody with love, not hate. 

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