Friday, May 3, 2019



Do you raise little pests? 

You know the kind that are worse than little brats. 

Would you like to be known for the household that raise pests? 

How about having a country of pests? 

Instead being known as the of Land of the Free, the Land of the Cockroaches. 

Or instead of Home of the Brave, Home of the Cowards.

Do you think this reputation will sit well for your children?

Do you think this reputation will sit well with Jesus?

When Jesus upturned the tables of the money-changers in the Temple, do you think it was about forgiveness or the elimination of bad behaviors and sin? 

How do you think Jesus would react if you turned the Temple or Church into a hunting ground for sexual predators, child molesters, crass and lascivious behaviors, and cockroaches? 

How would Jesus react if you turned your home into a place of pests or someone else home into a place of pests? 

Does your friend really want to be remembered as a common pest? 

And pass that legacy on? 

Do you?

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