Monday, May 6, 2019

Baby Steps


Life is never what you expect.

Until you have experience it, you do not really know. 

When you make good choices, you have a better chance of experiencing good outcomes. 

If your choices are in line with the Love and Peace of the Holy Spirit, you will have the best possible outcomes, regardless of the situation. 

You do not have to predict the future to try to get at good outcomes, if for every moment of every day you follow the Holy Spirit. 

And if everyone everywhere chooses the best possible outcome, what a wonderful world it would be. 

How then to connect with the Holy Spirit to know what to do? 

Begin with knowing where you want to be in the end, Heaven.

Salvation is the ultimate goal. 

To achieve this goal, it requires intention, discernment, dedication and work to being the person the Lord intended you to be. 

Not necessary who you want to be, but who you need to be. 

In other words, do not indulge in wishful thinking (Heaven is not a guarantee; few will find Heaven’s Gate) or your own selfish desires, but work to build good character in integrity and purpose of spirit with the Holy Spirit. 

Before we explore further, for now, let us work on these first few baby steps by pondering, praying and meditating on:



The Lord’s creation:

Who are you (supposed to be, according to the Lord)?  ____________

Have you strayed from the Lord’s original blueprint?  _____

What must you do to return to the Lord or be a better person?  ____________

What is your character?  (Is it acceptable to the Lord?)  ____________

How different is your character from where it should be?  ____________

How do you build or rebuild your good character?   ___________

What is your purpose (in accordance to the Lord) in life?  ____________

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