Saturday, June 1, 2024

Frankly, when the news reporters engage in false or misleading reporting there will be credibility and trust issues, especially when using misleading or false reporting to influence peddle prejudicial outcomes. 

Liars never win and any “wins” are really only ill-gotten gains.  

When complicit cowards kowtow under the thumb of liars, abusers and traitors, then their children will also grow up under the thumb and banner of criminals and traitors.  

Their standing in the world will be as abusive liars and cheats, criminals with criminal liabilities lacking in credibility and legitimate standing.

In the future these kids will look forward to more abusive power trips and grooming them into compromised behaviors with even more disgraceful, dishonorable and sinful outcomes.  

Basically turning them into hypocrites, traitors and terrorists posing as leaders, selling lies as truths and bringing out the worst in humanity.

Plus there is nothing white collar about malicious and atrocious crimes of abuse of power in harassing aggression, intimidation and cruel and unusual treatments in hate.

And just because the tip of the iceberg in criminal felonies is just now coming to light does not mean that all atrocious crimes have been discovered or revealed.

Therefore, it would be helpful if evidence is presented in an accurate, factual, non prejudicial and timely manner so that unbiased decisions can be made.

Thank you.


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