Monday, March 11, 2024

Question Why


Why would someone not want to give aid to help Ukraine defend against violent aggression?  

Especially when this aggression has resulted in genocide of their citizenary and kidnapping of their children in massive crimes against humanity?  

And why would this same someone praise and wannabe like the murderous aggressor hell bent on destroying the people of Ukraine?

What is so great about this so-called great autocrat that terrorizes a whole population by first targeting the innocent and soft targets, such as schools, hospitals and hotels?

And how great is a commander in chief that sends young native sons off to war without proper training to get mass slaughtered and leave their bodies behind to not have to pay their pensions?

What kind of commander tries to leave as many men behind?

Why would someone deliberately withhold and kill any aid to Ukraine knowing what we all know of the atrocities there?


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