Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Question Why 3


Why did someone have a meeting with Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orb├ín, the Russian leaning leader of Hungary? 

And why if that same someone is such a friend and leader of the far right, so loyal, leave most of his loyal followers to rot in jail after the January 6th insurrection? 

Especially when that so-loyal leader did not leave office until January 20th?  

Where was the pardon for them then? 

Was those pardons lost and forgotten in the ensuing chaos during his last days in office when he spent most of his time working on and getting his hands on all the Russian Intel the CIA has on Russia in a thick notebook, now missing?*

Where is his loyalty, this so-called leader of the Republican party?

During a primary it is natural for a political party to have several candidates run. 

Is it natural for winners of a primary to be a sore “winner” and retaliate against his own party to put up candidates to run in the primary?

Are we to be like Russia where all candidates are token or simply eliminated?

Why would there be any form of retaliation if in a democracy it is natural to have choices when voting in a primary?  

So why was there an “absolute bloodbath”, as described by a source at the RNC where the expected cull of about 60 across political, data and communications departments with at least 5 senior staff and more expected including third party contracts?**




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