Monday, March 11, 2024


Know at this moment in time, it is not business as usual;

Not politics as usual;  

Not the old ways of tribal unity as usual.  

No matter how big you think you are or how powerful, 

There is a bigger predator preying on just about anyone.  

This predator's goal is to give the corrupt what their beasts of greed and desires want.  

Feed the beasts of sin and corruption.  

Until the predator prey is compromised and weak.  

Thus owned and enslaved, his prey trapped becomes his puppets to feed his own great insatiable beast of greed.

This predator is renowned for his ruthlessness and cruelty, the total lack of care or consideration even for the very young and his depraved nature are at levels few can understand or comprehend.  

If we fall under his authoritarian thumb, we will not only forfeit our freedoms and rights, our children's freedom and rights, but the freedom and rights of future generations; 

and the wealth of our nation meant for our children and their children will go towards feeding his great insatiable beast of greed.  

Power is only a selling point.

Know that power subjugated under the whims of compromised and corrupted autocrats is abuse of power.  

It becomes the power to take, to steal, to harm in abuses and crimes against humanity to get at what he wants in insatiable desires of greed.

Exploitation is never sustainable.

Therefore, after he has bled dry his country’s resources, seized individual properties and cannibalized remaining businesses, he will turn towards yours and ours and theirs.  

And if you object, your life would be forfeit.  

Unless you wish to live in such a lawless, careless and cruel country, I humbly suggest that we fight to the last breath for our country, our freedoms and rights and our democracy.

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