Friday, November 24, 2023

The Lord's Blueprint

The ultimate blueprint you should be following is the Lord's Blueprint.

And how do you know the Lord's Blueprint?

By reading the Gospels and following the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

Yes, various eras of scriptures are important; however, none supersedes the teachings of Jesus Christ.  

And to twist and manipulate any scriptural passage to suit that of Caesar or any corrupt individual is unholy.

The practice of any kind of sins is unacceptable.

Sins corrupt and rot the soul.  

It changes the sinner's character and person until that person becomes unrecognizable from their original self.

"I will reply, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you (unholy) who break God’s laws.’"

                  - Matthew 7:21-23

Understand that the process of Caesar is to bring to reality the Lord's Blueprint

In the application of the Lord's vision of love and peace where "the meek (or the peaceful) shall inherit the earth" (Matthew 5:5).

And not to glorify any one individual or act in ways of hate and destruction, but to serve humanity in stewardship and act as stewards over the Lord's dominion.

Visionaries whose purpose is to bring about the Lord's vision of love and peace and therefore peace and prosperity are never subordinate to the latter process of Caesar, the applied process of making said dreams come true.

Any interference, disruption, contamination and/or overrides of the process of love and peace, peace and prosperity are unholy and damning.

Respect and honor that which belongs to the Lord and follow the Lord's Blueprint and you will be blessed* and be on the path of salvation.

Disrespect and dishonor and you will destroy the blessings meant for you, your children and humanity**.

Follow the Lord all your days, receive and be thankful for the Lord's blessings.

*See "Blessed are______", Beatitudes, Matthew 5: 3-11.

**P.s. in the application of making dreams or intellectual property real, there must be fair exchange and not theft or more sinful, exploitation and slavery.

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