Friday, January 13, 2023



In the battle between good and evil, the outcome is already determined in quantum time.


It begins with Satan already casted out from heaven into hell.  

Ends with unrepentant sinners eventually ending up in hell.  

And in the battles of the in-between, it leans towards the good, because the Lord created us to be good and instilled within every person a thing called a conscience, a compass that points towards the holy and the good.  

Even when you do something bad, compartmentalize, ignore, run away from it, eventually, at least for most people, your conscience will catch up to you.  

It will catch up much faster if, when you do something wrong, confess, repent and atone.  

To not be in line with your conscience, is to not be at peace with the Lord and not walk the way of the Lord.  

You can try to excuse the bad, but in the end, your conscience will catch up to you and your soul will be sorted, as indicated by your conscience, in accordance with your character and deeds.  

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