Monday, January 9, 2023


By design and structure, democratic republics are non-aggression administrations; 

Where the form of government is based upon the will of the people, ideals of freedom, peaceful transitions of power and peaceful democratic resolutions. 

Therefore, not an aggressor, like so many dictatorships, autocratic regimes and terrorist groups out there.

In a democracy, disagreements are usually resolved through diplomacy, not armed conflicts.

When armed conflicts arise, democratic republics are usually not the ones to first start the aggressions.  

Instead, they are defenders of freedoms and individual human rights.  

Because they will not be the first to start an aggression or armed conflicts, if the world develops similar systems along these lines of non-aggression, then it will be a giant step towards everlasting peace and prosperity.

  When threats go unheeded, tragedy strikes, especially when brothers are turned against brothers and friends against neighbors. So many peo...