Friday, December 2, 2022

Check Your Compass.


Time to check your internal compass.  

No more excuses.

Be honest.  

Is your internal compass based upon love and peace?  

Or are you fear based at your core?  

Power based?  

Control freak based?

Aggressor based, always needing to get your way?  

Or hate based?

Many insecurities stem from not being able to match your internal compass with the Lord, so everything seems a little off and at times completely off.  

When your internal compass is completely off then it is no longer in touch with humanity and the Holy Spirit.  

Then you will base decisions based upon self and only the self out of touch with humanity, reality and the Lord (read, see and hear only what you want in selective memory and selective reality).

You may feel like something is wrong or off, but never figure out what.

You cannot figure out what is off until you identify your paradigm or core philosophy which determines the direction of the compass.  

Unfortunately, any internal compass not based upon love and peace will not work properly, because it cannot connect to the Holy Spirit or humanity unimpeded; 

When the compass needle is constantly blocked by power, by fears, by hate, by selfish desires, by aggression, by insecurities, by the agenda of Caesar, your compass will not be accurate or work properly.

Check your compass.

What is its core?


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