Friday, September 2, 2022


Dear eSnowflakes,

Our lifetime is but a moment in the infinite moments of time.  

There are moments in the course of human events that live in infamy or rise above the rest in honor and virtue.  

These events are etched in written history and live on in legend or legacy long after we are gone.  

In these deciding points in history, these defining moments, are how we will be remembered.  

Whether we are vilified or revered, scorned or honored by succeeding generations depends upon long term consequences and outcomes yet undetermined. 

Generational hindsight ten years from now will be much different one hundred years from now, especially when reverberations of consequences and outcomes become fully determined and recognized.  

Whether we, in those pivotal moments, rise or fall, depends upon choices to bravely serve the Lord and humanity or give in to the selfish desires and temporal gains.

No matter what happens in the end, how we are remembered matters not as much as how we are Judged by the Lord.

At every juncture and every point in life, what matters most is your ability to pass your tests of character and choose wisely the course of your history.  

The path of salvation cannot be seen or taken without purity of heart and redemptive soul.

In the course of a lifetime, mistakes, failures in character and lapse in judgements are bound to happen.

Redemption must be part of your journey process, otherwise problems in failures and sins remain and stain.

In the end, what you present of yourself in heart and soul to the Lord, must be acceptable to the Lord.

The consequence of not passing the Lord's Judgement is not spelled out in the history books, but in the eternal fates of eternity.

Thank You

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