Tuesday, June 14, 2022


Do you know how the Lord will call it?  

How the Lord will see it?  

As soon as Judas crossed the line into betrayal, each step he took and choices thereafter determined his fall from grace and level of sin.  

A fall from grace is easily determined when you answer whether you would want the same treatments upon yourself.  

How much you would not want the same things to happen to you, is how far a fall from grace. 

To know the level of sin, you need to know how many counts or how many times, what was perpetrated, how aggravated and the level of harm.

Then imagine yourself going through each incident of cruel and unusual treatments and amount and aggravated force, then you might have an inkling of harm and how the Lord will call it.   


When a person is compromised, conned or played into believing what is false or groomed into sins of the flesh or incited into sins of hate, that person is no longer on the path of truth, no longer connected to the way and no longer living the life.  

How far away from the Holy depends upon how far away traveled and practice of falsehoods and sins and harm done.

Thank You

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