Sunday, May 15, 2022



The problem with arrogant egomaniacs is overconfidence and a tendency towards grandiose illusions.  

The problem with megalomaniacs is gross overconfidence and definite overimaginings in grandiose illusions.  

Both involve delusions of grandeur, just at different degrees.  

Both involve abuse of power, also at different degrees, but with the added notion of being able to get away with it, also at different degrees.

One imagines oneself to be untouchable, the other imagines godlike self to be invincible.  

Of Caesar, who knows, perhaps there is some truth to being able to get away with crimes against humanity and sins in an untouchable and invincible sort of way much of the time.

Of the Lord, never.  

One can ever escape Judgement.

Because in life, the one truly holding all the cards and knowing how they will be played is the Lord. 

And in death, there are no cards, only the sorting, which of course is determined by the Lord.  

It is funny that super copy cats, megalomaniacs by nature, think that one holds all the cards, sees all there is and knows what there is to know, when in actuality holds none of the real cards, sees none of anything and knows nothing about what there is to know.   


Because if someone has to copy or cheat, then that person does not have the ability to come up with the answers or understand the solutions.  

A person can give a red herring and who's to know the difference? 

The lack of intelligence, the lack of ability, the lack of understanding translates into lack of competence.  

The lack of competence means that things will be run into the ground, catastrophic fails will occur and those super copycats will not even know it, not even after it is too late, not even after all the tragedies have occurred, because too busy feeding the beasts of grandeur and power trips to notice.

Who is holding all the cards to salvation?  

Who is holding all the cards to peace and prosperity?  

Who is holding all the cards to real answers?  

Not the copycats or super copycats.

Not the egomaniacs.

And definitely, not the megalomaniacs.

Why have standards fallen so low? Where is the sense of honor and duty? There is no win or salvation in the shame of dishonor and indecency....