Sunday, May 15, 2022

Difference Between Seers and Prophets Continued



Seers see illusions and predict them in the mundane.  

This is because of motivated perception.  

Motivated perception is the psychological condition, where we see what we want to see, therefore, believe what we want to believe.

This is also the reason why scamming, gaslighting and grooming are so effective at times.  

People are predisposed to believing what they want. 

This is why seers can get away with predicting nonsense or the obvious (by simply repeating one's desire back to the person in the affirmative or affirming that person's fears).

Even if the seer is not intentionally manipulating to desired results, subconsciously the seer will read what he or she wants into the tea leaves when one's own interests are involved;

Which is why unless the seer can tell the difference between holy and unholy and let go of one's own preconceived notions, their sight will be limited to their own desires and distorted snapshots of the future without holy or true context.  

In other words, seers are not accurate outside the mundane and many are not even accurate in the mundane with actionable substance.

True prophets, on the other hand, see through that of the Holy Spirit and convey the will of the Lord.  

“For the Lord God does nothing without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets."

                                        - Amos 3:7

I would caution against the false prophets, but again prophets are not recognized after Jesus Christ in Christianity, only seers are, except many do not truly see.


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